Metal Fabrication Services in Stamford, Greenwich, & Norwalk

Metal Fabrication Services in Norwalk, Greenwich & Fairfield, CT

Metal roofs not only make for a great design choice but also extremely durable due to their ability to resist the effects of natural elements. With professional installation and the right metal selection, metal roofs can even last about 50 to 100+ years. When you choose metal fabrication, Greenwich Roofs can provide you with superior craftsmanship for your roof.

Greenwich Roofs is a certified and licensed roofing company serving the roofing needs of countless homeowners in CT since 2003. Our services are exclusively available in Darien, Westport, Monroe, Greenwich, and more throughout our service area. With vast experience and knowledge about roofing installation and various products available in the market today, we can provide the most convenient roofing solutions for you.

Metal Fabrication Services in Stamford, Greenwich, & Norwalk

Premium Metal Options Available Across Westport & Stamford

From the design perspective, it is quite important for your roof’s color to go well with the overall accent of your home. Thus, Greenwich Roofs offers a wide variety of color options to fit perfectly with your home. We work with copper, lead-coated copper, and zinc. We can also use aluminum and galvalume painted in dozens of different architectural color options.

Here are some metal roofing options:

  • Double and Single Lock Standing Seam
  • Flat Lock Seams
  • Simulated Metal Shake, Shingle, and Tiles
  • Barrel Roofs
  • Eyebrows
  • Cupola and Turrets
Metal fabrication

Accent Roofing in Greenwich, Stamford & Norwalk

Metal Roofing looks great and is growing in popularity here in Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, New Canaan and Westport. Standing Seam metal roofs have a prominent visual feature which is the raised interlocking seam which joins one panel to the next.
Known for its sleek modern style, Metal roofing also provides unmatched durability. Adding a metal roof with a standing seam to your home is a surefire way to make your home a curb-side stand out. Available in metal galvanized metal and copper.

From the shoreline to our inland borders, our residential metal roofing solutions provide a lifetime of protection, beauty, and value to Connecticut homes.

With a variety of styles and metal materials to choose from, all of our products and services stand up to whatever Connecticut’s weather can dish out. Trust your local roofing company, ‘Greenwich Roofs’.

Our local specialties include:

  • Aluminum metal roofing panels
  • Beautiful and durable aluminum standing seam
  • Copper and zinc roofing solutions
  • Accent roofs
  • Snow retention systems
  • Other durable roofing products & repair services

COPPER Metal Roofing Systems

A copper roof is a distinctive roof! It adds greatly to the resale value of your property. At approximately 144 pounds per square, Copper is lightweight which means less structural reinforcement is needed for the roof. Compare this to 350-750 lbs. per square from many other roofing materials.

Copper is affordable when compared to materials such as slate, tile or cedar. When you compare the lifetime costs of a copper roof it is one of the least expensive materials available. It is environmentally friendly and can achieve a class “A” fire rating.

Patina change refers to the tarnish that forms on the surface of copper, as a result of age and exposure; the rate of patina change is dependent on your climate. It gives copper that unique green look, and it also provides a protective layer that would otherwise cause it to be damaged by weathering. This example of patina change from 1-11 years is for a seaside environment. A roof inland could take 3 times longer to achieve the green-like color. However, copper can be treated to accelerate the patina process. It depends on the client’s preference.

Copper can be used for both residential and commercial buildings to give a distinct look. The possibilities are endless!

STEEL Metal Roofing Systems

It is the strongest standing seam roof and is highly wind and hail resistant. It is lightweight at 1.45 pounds per square foot. Steel is class “A” fire rated. You can choose from a variety of colors. Use one color or combine several for a unique look!

ALUMINUM Metal Roofing Systems

The lightest of all metal materials, Aluminum is less expensive and a good alternative to copper, costing about 60-65% of a copper roof. It’s great for a salt-air environment, as it does not rust. There are many great colors to choose from or combine for an architecturally custom look!

ZINC Metal Roofing Systems

Zinc is for the customer who wants a distinctive look in a variety of natural colors. Roofing is maintenance free and will last up to 100 years.

Metal Fabrication Services in Stamford, Greenwich, & Norwalk

Live Tension-Free of Leaks With Greenwich Roofs

Chimney flashing and counter-flashing is another field we specialize in. Roof leaks may start to develop due to improper flashing techniques by the previous contractor(s). Brick and stone chimneys are usually challenging for roofers and often times the source for leaks. 

Fortunately, experienced professionals at Greenwich Roofs can design and execute a properly flashing detail to suit your home and can also address any related masonry flaws or deficiencies that may be contributing to your leak. We are a one-stop solution to all your roofing problems!

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