Different Roofing Styles in Westchester & Fairfield County, CT

The roof is one of the most essential components of any building, protecting it from the elements and keeping it safe and secure. When it comes to choosing a roofing style, there are many options available. Greenwich Roofs is the roofing company where you can get roof installation or roof replacement service with desired roofing styles.

Since 2003, we have been providing roofing services for our customers. Greenwich Roofs has the expert team and necessary equipment to handle your roofing job. We have expertise in providing different roofing styles to property owners in New HeavenDanburyFairfieldStamford, and the rest of the service areas in Connecticut

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  • Gable Roof - The gable roof is the most common roofing style in North America, characterized by its triangular shape. It is easy to build, provides good ventilation, and can be designed to match any architectural style. However, it may not be suitable for areas with high winds or heavy snow loads.
  • Hip Roof - The hip roof is a popular roofing style that has slopes on all four sides, meeting at a ridge at the top. It offers good stability and is suitable for areas with high winds and heavy snow loads. It also provides extra living space and allows for more natural light to enter the building. However, it is more complex and expensive to build than a gable roof.
  • Mansard Roof - The mansard roof is a French-style roof with a flat top and steep sides. It provides extra living space and allows for creative interior design options. However, it is more expensive to build than other roofing styles and may not be suitable for areas with heavy snow loads.
  • Flat Roof - The flat roof is a modern roofing style that is mostly used in commercial and industrial buildings. It provides easy access for maintenance and can be used as a recreational space. However, it is prone to leaks and requires regular maintenance to ensure proper drainage.
  • Shed Roof - The shed roof is a single-sloping roof that is mostly used in modern or minimalist designs. It is simple and inexpensive to build and can provide extra living space. However, it may not be suitable for areas with high winds or heavy snow loads.

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Greenwich Roofs can help you to choose the right roofing style for your property considering your budget and preferences. You can also choose the types of roofing material. We follow the industry standard when it comes to roofing. Our specialists can recommend you or you can choose your favorite roofing style for your property.

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